Samira and George Engagement Session

We asked Samira, our lovely bride to be, about how her and George met. This is their tale…

Every great love story begins somewhere…

George and I first saw each other at my nursing graduation in 2008. He was there for his cousins graduation. We made eye contact but didn’t pursue anything further. At the time, meeting my future husband was the last thing on my mind. I was more focused on graduating and passing my Nursing Boards.

Since I was in nursing school with his cousin and studied with her often, she gave him my number upon his request. I received a phone call shortly there after. I had no idea who I was speaking to until he mentioned that he saw me at the nursing graduation, then it clicked.

BIMG_0082_1 BIMG_0091 BIMG_0114 From then on we started speaking on the phone everyday. He lived in West Virginia at the time and owned his own restaurant. I knew it was going to be rough having a long distance relationship. We decided to dedicate our weekends off to spending time with each other. We would go to the movies, eat sushi, go shopping, and try new things together. We began to realize we had a lot in common. BIMG_0147 BIMG_0161 BIMG_0166 We are both of Arab descent and both share the same religious background. His family is fro Jordan and my family is from Lebanon. Even though he speaks Arabic and I don’t, He always jokes about me having an “Arab accent”. I definitely  do not. BIMG_0186 BIMG_0254 One day, on my cousin’s bridal shower, I received a text message from him saying that he was bored and wanted to see me for the day. By the time I saw this message he was already on his way to see me. He had already left Virginia before telling me that he was coming to New York. BIMG_0258 BIMG_0312A I told my mother that I had to be home because George was coming up. We both arrived at my house at the same exact time. He was wearing nice pants and a button down shirt, just how I like it. We decided to go to the movies that night. As soon as I got in the car he handed me a scrap book. It had every movie ticket stub, every broadway show, and every activity we’ve done together over the past four years. I started to cry and get emotional to the point that I couldn’t turn the next page. He had such alluring words written. At this time I still  didn’t really know what was going on until he  turned the next page for me. BIMG_0380B BIMG_0424 BIMG_0429 BIMG_0455 On that next page was a photograph of him holding a sign asking “Will you marry me?”  and at that moment a beautiful Princess cut diamond ring tied to a string fell into my lap. BIMG_0535 BIMG_0563 At that point I couldn’t breath, then he asked the one question every girl dreams of being asked, “Will you marry me?”. My answer was “Yes!”.