Cultures coming together

I am noticing more and more the bonding of different cultures. The irrelevance of race, sex and religion. It is nice, is it not? Well to me, GOD made us all in his image. Why not go with that. We all love. We all need love, give love and look for love. So why not just love the one who puts the joy in your heart and the smile on your face. In our business we see lots of smiling faces through the camera lens… It would be so nice to see those same smiles everywhere and on everyone.

Tonight I met a sweet young bride who will be marrying out of her culture. Out of her religion. Out of her race. Unlike years ago, MOST were very happy for her… Most. I know that she sure is happy, as is her fiancé.

So on this evening, lets all celebrate everyone from everywhere.

Susan DeLuca
Catholic with a Italian mom, a Jewish dad and ancestors all over Europe.

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